Today, the BDC Group™ is a vertically-integrated real estate development, design, construction, and management firm. The recent recasting of our corporate vision addresses the shifting economic and environmental demands we observe in our marketplace. Our platform provides clients and partners with extensive know-how and intelligent solutions to realize profitability across multiple segments of the industry. We proudly leverage our third generation of engineers, architects, builders and financial analysts across three core entities:

BDC Holdings Inc (development)

BDC Builders Inc (design & construction)

BDC Management Inc (management)

Through the course of our 100-year history, we brought over $2.5 billion in commercial development projects to skylines across America. We erected in excess of 25,000 multi-family units and provided new homes to thousands of families. The BDC Group™ has engaged with over 20,000 unique clients and coordinated with more than 300 municipalities and government entities to submit over 2 million pages of applications, plans, surveys, and reports.

We are enthusiastic about expanding our legacy over the next century.


We envision the future of real estate property development and construction as striking a balance between our core competencies. As a multi-generational builder of commercial, residential, mixed-use, storage and light industrial projects, we engage with clients, partners and municipalities to achieve functional design with positive environmental impact. We aim to position ourselves as advantageous developers, builders and managers providing partner-level communication and transparency.



Sustainable design reduces adverse impact to the surrounding environment, occupant lifestyle and health of the community. Basic objectives of sustainability are:

1. Reduce consumption of non-renewable resources;

2. Minimize waste and recycle/reuse when able;

3. Create healthy, vibrant environments for inhabitants and neighbors.



Proximity and design greatly affect the neighborhoods we build in. Whether urban or rural, we contemplate communal influence from acquisition onward. We develop for the benefit of the community in a way that stimulates appropriate economic growth, while revitalizing stale inventory and streamlining inefficient planning.



A rigorous, collaborative analysis of each project is performed to vet viability and model realistic scenarios for acceptable yields and a return of capital. As stewards of client and partner assets, we align expectations at the onset of a project and act swiftly to identify adverse conditions and maintain liquidity and exit options throughout. We eat our own cooking, every day.



Contemplative design addresses the root purpose of the structure or project, as it pertains to inhabitant and client specifications. Lifestyle demands and patterns of use drive smart components of the physical structure and layout.



Visual appeal must be achieved both inside and outside while imbuing our unique imprint to the function of the project.



We are rooted in traditional methods of construction that respect the physical footprint and lasting impact on a neighborhood, town center, skyline, and countryside. Our mission is to continually emboss The BDC Group brand while leaving room for innovation and progress to our next generation.